Yamuna Body Rolling Theory and Technique

My friend Ying Mei Tcheou shared this article about Yamuna Body Rolling from the Journal of Physical Therapy. The abstract follows. For the full article click on the link below.

This paper provides information about the theory and technique of Yamuna Body Rolling. In order to treat physical problems, using the specialized Yamuna Body Rolling balls, people can target superficial skin, fasciae, muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments, bones, internal organs, and the nervous system by themselves. The extraordinary effect of Yamuna Body Rolling is its multidimensional elongation of muscle fibers. In addition to the regular longitudinal elongation by the conventional stretch method, Yamuna Body Rolling enables the transversal and diagonal expansion of muscle fibers in order to move the body more dynamically. Hamstring, abdominal, and sideline routines are presented as examples for techniques of Yamuna Body Rolling. Yamuna Body Rolling can be applied to functional evaluation and therapeutic uses; therefore, it could provide many benefits in the treatment of different conditions in the medical field.

The Theory and Technique of Yamuna Body Rolling, Journal of Physical Therapy.
25: 1197–1200, 2013. Satoshi Suzuki, ATC, CSCS.

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