Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a muscle release therapy created by Yamuna Zake. It’s based on the idea that working from the bone and origin of the muscle to the muscle’s insertion releases and elongates muscles. YBR can be done in class settings where an instructor leads a class through a series of routines or one on one with the practitioner assisting the release by adding pressure and traction.

In one on one work the YBR practitioner choses from an array of balls of various sizes and densities suited to different parts of the body and places the ball as close to the muscle’s origin as possible and applies pressure downward and out, tractioning the muscle away from the origin. For example to release the hamstrings, muscles that can get very tight from long periods of sitting at a desk or driving, the practitioner asks the client to lay on their back and places the pearl or silver ball under the back of the upper leg and applies downward pressure and traction. In a class setting the teacher would direct students to place a silver ball under the right sit bone, at the origin of hamstring muscles, and by sliding their bodies back work the ball down to the knee. These releases can yield dramatic results – because the released hamstring muscles create space between the hip and the upper leg bone, the leg appears longer. A sense of well being also often accompanies releasing holding and tension from these muscles.

YBR has a number of routines working with the black, pearl, silver and gold balls to release muscles throughout the body with either the assistance of a practitioner to deepen the release or in class settings or in home practices.

YBR grew out of Yamuna Zake’s hands on work assisting clients to deepen into Yoga poses, which was therapy she named Body Logics. Looking for ways to make this work more broadly available Zake, after long study and research and development, developed the YBR system.

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