Deep Breath Pilates Studio current online offerings are:

Yamuna Body Rolling classes will focus on muscle release and stretching. Using the Yamuna Black Balls (pair), and the Pearl ball we will work to stimulate bones and release muscles from the origin to the insertion. We will work with Yamuna Breath Work techniques to expand our lung capacity, develop directional breathing, and to stretch and strengthen from the inside out. We will learn how to use our breath as a tool for our healing. The goal is to lengthen muscles, increase space in the joints and body, release stress and anxiety and cultivate a sense of relaxation and well being.

You will need a set of Yamuna Black Balls and a Pearl ball. If you are interested in purchasing balls please contact me through the site.

Pilates classes will focus on building strength and increasing body awareness. Classes will draw on Pilates Mat repertoire to build exercise progressions that increase in difficulty. There will be a special focus on building strength in the core, but each week will include a focus on other parts of the body, as well as whole body movement. The progression, moving from easier to more challenging versions of an exercise, structure enables students of all levels to work where they are both challenged and safe. The goal is to build deep strength that supports healthy, easeful movement.

Moving Medicine classes will synthesize Yamuna, Pilates and a variety of dance-based movement techniques. The class will flow, be supported by music and focus on whole body, three dimensional movement. We will move breath, muscles and the whole body as we explore the healing medicine of movement. Classes will typically begin with Yamuna breath and release work, move through a set of Pilates exercises and integrate movement techniques, specifically the Talawa Technique, developed by Thomas Presto, to move us toward increasingly more complex whole body movement. The goal of these classes is to cultivate awareness, love and the power of our moving bodies.

The classes are all an hour long and designed to complement each other for those who may want to take two or three classes, or can be taken separately.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Yamuna Body Rolling and Breath Work – January 23, 2021 (11:30 am – 1 pm), Cost $25. This workshop will focus on releasing the muscles of the pelvis and spine using YBR and integrating breath work techniques to expand lung capacity and direct breath to different parts of the pelvis and spine to facilitate release. You will need Yamuna Black Balls and a Pearl ball for the workshop.

When the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have lifted we will be welcoming clients back into our studios as described below for private sessions and classes.

The Deep Breath Pilates Studio is equipped with Balanced Body Cadillac, Reformer, Barrels, and a variety of Yamuna balls. Private and Semi-Private sessions take place in the Pilates studio and group classes take place in the Idora Park Project Space dance studio.

Private 50 minute Session ($90) – Private sessions provide an opportunity for me to tailor work on the Cadillac, Reformer, Barrels to the specific needs of the client. I typically begin the session with Yamuna release routines and then move into the program designed for the client’s specific goals and needs.

Semi-Private 50 minute Session ($100) – Semi-Private sessions are on the two Reformers in the Pilates studio. I would typically design a class for the duo drawing from the Reformer repertoire based on the duo’s goals and fitness levels. Yamuna routines would be integrated for muscle release. The semi-private structure works best when the duo have similar fitness levels and goals.

Pilates Mat Class (Sliding scale $12-$20) – Mat classes are one hour and take place in the dance studio. These classes draw on Pilates mat repertoire and Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) routines for muscle release and strengthening. Classes are typically 4-8 people with a maximum of 10. Yamuna balls are provided.

Yamuna 70 minute Private Session ($110) – Yamuna private sessions can be whole body release or tailored to the areas of the client’s body in need of release. I use the gold, silver, pearl, and black balls combined with hands on traction to release areas of the upper and lower body, hips, legs, back, shoulders.

Yamuna Workshops 3 hours – ($60) – DBP offers periodic YBR workshops. The goal of these workshops is to familiarize students with YBR routines, enable students to feel the effects of a variety of the releases in their bodies, build body awareness and anatomical knowledge, to expand their movement and/or YBR home practices. Each workshop begins with releases that address the large muscles of the body to facilitate a sense of whole body release. We then dive more deeply into a specific part of the body, e.g. the back, hips, shoulders, knees. All needed balls are provided.

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