Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine classes synthesize Yamuna Body Rolling, Pilates and a variety of dance-based movement techniques. The class flow is supported by music and focus on whole body, three dimensional movement. We move breath, muscles and the whole body as we explore the healing medicine of movement. Classes typically include Yamuna breath and release work, move through a set of Pilates exercises and integrate movement techniques, specifically the Talawa Technique developed by Thomas Presto, to move us toward increasingly more complex whole body movement. The goal of these classes is to cultivate awareness, love and the power of our moving bodies.

No previous dance experience required.

Suggested Equipment

  • Yoga Mat
  • Towel
  • Pearl Yamuna Ball
  • Set of Black Yamuna Balls

First time taking a class with DBP, please complete the waiver/registration form and if you need more information or have questions feel free to book a 15 minute introductory call.

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