Donna Eden’s Introduction to Energy Medicine: Daily Energy Routine with Shawn Doubiago

Shawn Doubiago is an advanced practitioner and teacher of The Eden Method, a form of energetic healing founded by energy medicine pioneer, Donna Eden, that uses nine different energy systems to balance the body’s energies. Energy

healing is based on the premise that everything you experience—physical and emotional—has an energetic component or basis. Working with the body’s subtle energies to regain balance is something we humans have always done. Many of us, however, have been taught to disregard these very energies that flow through us as nonexistent because they are invisible. And yet, they exist! Knowing how to work with them can be remarkably beneficial in so many ways.

Shawn is excited to offer an Eden Method three-hour class on “Donna Eden’s Introduction To Energy Medicine: Daily Energy Routine” at Chris Evans’ Deep Breathe Pilates Studio on March 25th, from 12-3:00pm. The workshop consists of learning nine simple energy techniques (plus three additional techniques), each of which deals with a particular type of energy imbalance. Put together, these methods create an energy template to support overall health, vitality and well-being. These are easy-to-use techniques that anyone can do —we focus on calming, releasing, harmonizing, and balancing energies using simple, powerful techniques coming from ancient traditions that have been recognized for thousands of years, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Touch for Health, and Reflexology.

Donna’s description for the DER: “The following simple techniques can benefit nearly everyone living in the stress- producing, polluted, unnatural, energy-scrambling environments that mark our technological progress. You can combine these methods into a “Daily Energy Routine” that refreshes your energies every day. The daily routine builds positive habits int your energy field. The techniques are simple yet potent, and they are cumulative.”

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