Working with Chris is helping me become conscious of the parts of my body I’ve forgotten how to listen to. I am learning new ways to breathe. I am learning how my physical posture is a mirror to my mental/emotional posture. I am recalibrating my relationship to gravity. 

Alexa Burrell

Christine Lashaw

Our bodies are the containers of our lives. Who we share our bodies with is always an intimate risk with the hopeful possibility of goodness, health and love. After so many failed attempts with past “trainers, yoga, exercise” instructors,  I took a much needed risk to engage my Self under the guidance of Chris Evans’ Deep Breath Pilates. Her attention to detail, gentle patience, skilled practice, the brilliance of her integration of Yamuna and Talawa Technique within the foundation of Pilates speaks to her depth of understanding of the body from a human perspective, but also a cultural perspective. With Chris, I felt first the freedom to be fully clumsy, shy, unsure. In releasing this my strength began to support those places as balance and healing. She will continue to be a part of my process of healing the past as a healthy present. 

Ellen Sebastian Chang

I have been a runner, walker, hiker, swimmer, and biker for most of my life. As I grow older, I am in intimate touch with the need for ways to care for my body to allow it to continue doing the work it has always done for me. Chris Evans’ movement classes are proving to be exactly the attention my body needs to sustain and enhance my other activities. As much as I enjoy the body movement, I enjoy the body knowledge Chris brings to her practice and shares with me. I also love the sense of loving and supportive community she fosters in her classes – I look forward to coming every week.

Danyelle O’Hara

I have been working with Chris Evans for the last 18 months one to two times a week and I have noticed a marked improvement in the way I move and walk. Chris is an amazing instructor who is very knowledgeable in the correct way the body needs and wants to move, and her deep compassion makes her an indispensable part of my healthcare and fitness team. I would recommend her to anybody who is already fit, to people such as myself, who want to age gracefully and still roll around on the floor with their grandchildren. Chris is absolutely a sound investment in self-improvement!

Julie Franklin

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